PJP Over/Under Game – Charleston Southern

Courtesy: NBC College Football Talk

Indiana plays Charleston Southern in a game that shouldn’t be close.  Barring disaster, they’ll be 3-2 headed into Michigan, just like everyone predicted.

Peyton Ramsey starts his first game the same day the Colts dedicate a statue for another Peyton.

Let’s get to the questions.

1. Number of IU plays ran during non-garbage time – Over/Under 45.5

We will be using a slightly varied definition of garbage time where the score difference is >28 in the 1st, >24 in the 2nd, >21 in the 3rd, and >16 in the 4th. The score difference is the same, but we will include all plays occurring before the final non-garbage play. Even if a game goes into garbage time and then out of garbage time, it will all be included until the final non-garbage time play. This happened against GSU and PSU.  Indiana ran 81 non-garbage plays against Ohio State and 68 against Virginia. Against Georgia Southern, turnovers, touchdowns, and a punt return for a touchdown saw the Hoosiers run only 39 non-garbage plays. Last week IU ran 49 plays until garbage time started late in the 3rd quarter.

2. Indiana defensive tackles for loss – Over/Under 10.5

Indiana has steadily increased their tackles for loss as the season progresses from 3 to 5 to 8 to 11 last week against Penn State. With Charleston Southern’ s run-heavy offense, there should be plenty of opportunity for Indiana. Last year Indiana averaged 7.5 TFLs per game with a high of 16 against Penn State.

3. Total Interceptions – Over/Under 0.5

On the season, Indiana has forced one interception and Charleston Southern has just one on the year. On the other side, CSU has forced 4 interceptions on the year and IU has thrown 4 INTs. However, 3 of those 4 are by Lagow and it is unclear how much he will play going forward, if any.

4. Percentage of targets to IU WRs – Over/Under 60.1%

Obviously with his running ability, the Indiana offense looks different with Ramsey than Richard Lagow. But the pass attempts are being dispersed differently as well. Under Lagow, WRs saw 72% of his targets, but with Ramsey that percentage dips to 54%. Ramsey has looked for his running backs and tight ends at a much higher rate. Now that he is deemed the starter, it will be interesting to see if he looks more to what appears to be IU’s biggest playmakers.

5. Peyton Ramsey passing yards – Over/Under 179.5

With Ramsey being named the starting quarterback, we’ll see him more behind center but it is unknown how much we’ll see him passing, especially this week. Ramsey does most of his damage with his legs, averaging nearly 5 yards per carry.1 With his arm, he is 29 of 48 for 316 yards through 4 games. He had 78 yards passing against Penn State.

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