PJP Over/Under Recap – Ohio State

Courtesy: Alexis Oser, Indiana Daily Student

OK, that’s over.  We can all move onto our regularly scheduled season.  Indiana’s 4-2 and just needs 2 more games to reach a bowl.  Yes, there are some difficult games left, but there are some winnable ones as well.  Let’s quickly recap and then we can turn our attention to Iowa.

1. Indiana passes of 30+ yards – Over/Under 0.5 – Actual: 4

Mike DeBord opened up the playbook a bit and Indiana ended up with 4 passes of 30+ yards after entering the game with just 3 for the entire year.  Peyton Hendershot got things going here with a 32 yard touchdown in the second quarter.  J-Shun Harris and Nick Westbrook each added receptions of 30 yards later in that same quarter.  Westbrook had a 38 yard reception in the 3rd quarter for Indiana’s longest pass of the game.  Since I spurred on this 30+ yard passing barrage, let’s move onto 40+ yard passes.  Indiana has just 1 on the year and ranks 115th nationally.

2. Most consecutive successful IU plays in non-garbage time – Over/Under 4.5 – Actual: 3

Indiana did not have a particularly efficient offensive game against Ohio State.  They were able to stay in it for a good part of the game by forcing turnovers and generating big offensive plays.  Their overall success rate in non-garbage time was just 37% and the most consecutive successful plays they managed was just 3.  That occurred twice, both in the second quarter.  In the second half, IU managed to put together just 2 successful plays in a row twice.  That was a big contributor to Indiana scoring just 6 points after halftime.

3. J.K. Dobbins rushing yards – Over/Under 69.5 – Actual: 82

Dobbins reached 82 rushing yards but it was on 26 carries with a long of just 9.  He didn’t eclipse the 70 yard mark until his 23rd carry which came on Ohio State’s final drive.  Mike Weber was actually the more productive back, on a per carry basis, gaining 70 yards on 13 carries although he did lose a fumble.  Indiana now ranks 67th nationally in defensive yards per carry.

4. Dwayne Haskins passing yards per attempt – Over/Under 8.49 – Actual: 10.3

They weren’t Tua Tagovailoa numbers, but Haskins carved up the Indiana defense for 455 yards on 44 attempts.  He also had 6 passing touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  Haskins leads the nation in passing touchdowns with 25.  The 10.3 yards per attempt is the most given up by the IU defense since the Maryland game last season.  Up next is Iowa’s Nate Stanley who is averaging 8.2 yards per attempt, 5th in the Big Ten.

5. Total Ohio State sacks – Over/Under 3.5 – Actual: 3

Peyton Ramsey was under a pressure a decent amount in this one, but was only sacked 3 times. The sophomore QB was able to both use his legs and throw the ball away a couple times to avoid some potential sacks.  On the year Indiana has allowed 9 sacks, 45th nationally.  Iowa comes to town this weekend averaging 3.6 sacks per game including 5 against Minnesota.

6. Ohio State winning margin – Over/Under 24.5 – Actual: 23

Indiana covered Vegas but not Football Study Hall.  Once again it was an Ohio State game that was competitive longer than the final score would indicate.  Bill Connelly’s post-game win expectancy metric gave Ohio State a 98% chance at victory given how the game transpired.

But all is not lost. For IU flipped their running back commit.

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