PJP Over/Under Game – Purdue

Courtesy: jennarwatson.com

Indiana heads to Purdue looking to win 5 straight against the Boilers for the first time in program history.  They are also looking to secure their first bowl game in three consecutive seasons since the 1986, 1987, and 1988 seasons.  Tom Allen will look to beat Purdue in his first game as head coach.  Only 4 other IU coaches have pulled off the victory in their debut, last accomplished by Bill Lynch in the 2007 season.

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Breaking Down the Running Game Blues

Indiana’s running back rushing average against Power 5 teams has steadily decreased over the last 5 years, dropping a staggering 2.74 yards per carry over this period. Indiana sent two backs and two linemen to the NFL during this time leaving an offense unable to run the ball with ease. The line has struggled this year, but the backs haven’t helped either. Applying blame is difficult but there’s a reason we here at Punt John Punt are paid the big bucks.

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