Offensive Explosiveness – Rushing

Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

Fred Glass likes fireworks.

Unfortunately for Indiana fans, most of the explosions were limited to the sky as the football team struggled to generate big plays in 2017.

In Bill Connelly’s IsoPPP+ statistic, an opponent-adjusted metric for explosiveness, Indiana ranked 99th nationally.

The percentage of explosive plays on both rushing and passing plays declined in 2017.

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The Case for Dawkins

Courtesy: Arizona Daily Star

Indiana released their first depth chart of the season a few weeks ago.

While the initial depth chart is pointless, it did list the starter at quarterback as Peyton Ramsey or Michael Penix or Brandon Dawkins.

Although I’m sure the quarterback position is truly an open competition, it wouldn’t benefit the coaching staff to name a starter at this point regardless.  Anytime there is not a true, set-in-place starter, you’re better off listing it as undecided.

While the quarterbacks will probably split time with the first-team offense in fall practice, I’d be very surprised if the competition lasts long into the season.

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Season In The General Vicinity Of – But Maybe Not Quite On – The Brink??

Photo by Jeff Nickel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Three years ago, I wrote about how the 2015 season was the IU football edition of The Season On The Brink. Kevin Wilson walked that tightrope, securing six wins and a bowl berth. He did it again in 2016 and everything seemed fine. Maybe K Dub wasn’t maximizing IU football’s potential, but he seemed to have solved the defense with the hiring of Tom Allen, and despite a disappointing offensive season in 2016, odds were the offense wouldn’t be a long-term problem on his watch. And then he resigned (or something like that).

That little turn of events made 2017 something of a freebie season for first-time college head coach Tom Allen, despite the fact that he inherited IU’s most talented defense in a generation, as well as a skilled receiving corps and a returning QB. Allen’s Hoosiers proceeded to go 5-7, which, while it wasn’t a disaster, wasn’t a success either.

So where does that put Allen and IU football as we look ahead to 2018? Is this yet another Season On The Brink?

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Honoring Bill Mallory

Courtesy Hoosier Scoop

The outpouring of love for former IU football coach Bill Mallory since his death on Friday has been incredible. He clearly had a tremendous and enduring impact on the lives of the young men he coached and many, many others. There is little doubt that Bill Mallory, the person, was far superior to Bill Mallory, the football coach.

But he was a damn good football coach.

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Projecting Wins – 2018 Edition

Bill Connelly of Football Study Hall recently released his initial S&P+ ranks for 2018.  As he puts it, “S&P+ projections are a simple mix of three factors: recent history, returning production, and recruiting.”  For this rating, Indiana ranks 58th.  On offensive returning production, Indiana ranks 83rd with a 60% offensive return.  This percentage is not the simple returning starters metric.  It essentially looks at the amount of returning statistics. Defensively Indiana is 126th at 51%.

Before diving into the numbers, it is important to remember a few things.  First of all, it’s March.  We don’t know who the starting quarterback will be for this team.  We don’t even know if he is currently on the roster.  Secondly, these are projections.  In March.  Don’t cancel your season ticket order over them.

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