Advanced Box Score – Ohio State edition

Courtesy: Herald-TimesThe Hoosiers fell into a quick deficit, but through turnovers and big offensive plays, the Hoosiers battled back.  Unfortunately, the Hoosiers ran out of steam in the 4th.  We’ll take a look at the stats:


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This game officially went into garbage mode when Ohio State went up 22 with 2:49 left in the game.

Turnovers gave the Hoosiers a chance…and then ended their chance

  •  Flo Hardin started things by stripping Michael Thomas.  Zach Shaw recovered the fumble.  Just a great strip by Hardin.  Indiana only gained 18 yards on their following drive, but capitalized with a field goal due to the great starting field position.
  • J.T. Barrett was in a particularly giving mood on Saturday tossing 2 interceptions to Antonio Allen.  The first interception essentially served as a deep punt…on first down.  Indiana started at their own 18 then proceeded to go 3-and-out.
  • The Buckeyes quickly gained 45 yards on 3 plays on a drive that was destined to finish in the end zone.  However, with the ball spotted at the IU 20, Antonio Allen prevented the score when he intercepted a tipped ball.
  • While IU gained points and prevented Ohio State scores with these early turnovers, no turnover was as costly as Zander Diamont’s interception.  It was his lone interception but his turnover gave OSU the ball at the IU 20 yard line in an 8 point game.  Ohio State scored a touchdown the very next play.

Third down town

  • Second downs were not particularly kind to Indiana.  The Hoosiers had 20 second downs and only gained 51 yards.  On only 3 of these plays did Indiana gain more than 5 yards.  They also failed to gain any yards on 45% of their 2nd downs.
  • The lack of production made 3rd downs very important.  The Hoosiers responded with a few big plays.  On just 16 third down plays, Indiana gained 133 yards.
  • Five of the 16 plays were greater than 5 yards including a Diamont scramble of 53 yards.  The drive resulted in a touchdown.
  • Diamont also had his big pass play to Shane Wynn for 49 yards on 3rd and 9.  Not only was it a big play yardage-wise, but it came on an obvious passing down.[ref]Granted the lined are somewhat blurred in the post-Sudfeld IU offense.  Sure, IU often runs on 3rd down, but still the odd favor an IU pass[/ref]  Ohio State could pin their ears back and pressure the QB, but the line held up and Diamont completed a deep pass to Wynn that traveled at least 25 yards through the air.  Indiana salvaged a field goal on this drive.
  • Diamont also completed 3rd down passes to Booth and Wynn for 10 and 11 yards, respectively.[ref]Nice of the WRs to hold onto these passes.[/ref]
  • One downside was that these 4 plays were the only 3rd downs, out of 16, that Indiana converted.  The Hoosiers going to quality over quantity on 3rd down.

A doomed fourth quarter

  • From the end of Ohio State’s 2nd drive in the 1st quarter until the start of the 4th quarter, Ohio State gained 228 yards, scored 0 offensive points[ref]Ohio State did have a punt return for a touchdown[/ref], and had 3 turnovers.  During this time span, Indiana’s offense gained 315 yards, had no turnovers, and scored 20 points.  After a slow start, the Hoosiers were standing up to the Buckeyes.
  • Then the 4th quarter started.  Ohio State gained 153 yards, forced a costly IU turnover, scored 3 times.
  • During the same time frame, the Hoosiers gained only 79 yards although 71 of them were on a late garbage-time drive.  Other than that, IU’s 4th quarter drives gained 7, 7, 0 (which included an interception), and -6 yards.
  • During this quarter, OSU’s average spot was the IU 46.  Indiana’s was their own 27.
  • Ultimately a game that Indiana was ahead in the 3rd quarter and finished the quarter down only down 1 point was turned into a big Buckeye victory.

Other notes:

  • Indiana’s average down and distance: 2nd and 7.95 and 3rd and 8.63.[ref]Yes, the Hoosiers averaged a longer distance to convert on 3rd down than 2nd down.[/ref]
  • Ohio State’s average down and distance: 2nd and 7.52 and 6.79
  • Indiana’s average spot of the ball was their 39.  Ohio State’s was their own 44.