PJP’s Mascot-less Prediction – Michigan State

Last week’s loss was a setback, but doesn’t eliminate Indiana from bowl contention.  There are still 9 games to go, after all.  And there a smart people out there that actually have Indiana winning today.

We have picks for this week’s Over/Under contest.  It’s free.  Almost as many people play these contests as stay to the end of the IU games.[ref]That was Kevin’s joke, not mine.[/ref]

This week’s Five Factors post illustrates that outside the turnovers, things weren’t that bad in last week’s loss.

The offensive film study examines the 3 carry impact of Tyler Natee and the strong arm of Richard Lagow.  There are no interception to view.

The defensive film study looks at a freshman that was picked on last week.  Compared to some of the freshmen forced into action last year, Marcelino Ball held up quite well.

Finally, check out this week’s White Guy on Hardy Mismatch of the Week.  It’s actually a benefit to the Hoosiers.  And if it works out, it could result in an Indiana victory.

And now for some mascot-less predictions:

Billy – 28-27 Michigan State

Dan – 29-26 (OT) Indiana

Mike – 28-24 Michigan State