PJP’s Mascot-less Predictions – Ohio State

Last week was incredible. The next five weeks after this one should be a wild ride. Let’s just get through this one intact…

First, check out this week’s over/under contest. Make your picks and prove once and for all that you’re smarter than Billy (that’s why I do it).

This week’s Five Factors piece showed how field position, as well as passing efficiency and explosiveness, won it against Sparty.

The offensive film study broke down IU’s bubble screen action passing game, along with Wes Rogers’ redemption.

The defensive film study looked at a few defensive breakdowns, as well as the flexibility of Tom Allen’s defense.

Mike wrote another great White Guy on Hardy Mismatch of the Week. It’s not his fault that IU’s inability to finish drives is the obvious mismatch once again.

And now for some mascot-less predictions:

Billy – 42-21 Ohio State

Dan – 37-16 Ohio State

Mike – 42-14 Ohio State

And one last segment: Stuff I Tell Myself To Make Watching IU Football Easier.[ref] That’s SITMTMWIFE. Catchy, I know.[/ref]

Let’s say you and your buddies are playing pickup football. Rather than doing the normal alternating selections deal[ref] Some Kevin Wilson-speak for you there.[/ref], you let your buddy pick his entire team before you pick a single guy. You probably wouldn’t expect to win, right? Now multiply that across an entire 85-scholarship football team. That’s essentially what IU is up against. To my knowledge, there’s not a single scholarship player on Ohio State that seriously considered IU, and there’s probably not a single IU player who, given the option as a high school senior, would have chosen to play at IU instead of Ohio State.

So yeah, we probably shouldn’t win this game. Enjoy every minute that it remains competitive. If it becomes uncompetitive, move along with your day.  The next five weeks will be better.

And please, please, please, no major injuries.