PJP Over/Under Recap – Maryland

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The Wild Bacon formation certainly TRICKED Maryland, but it sure was a TREAT to watch for Indiana fans.

Sorry.  Let’s get to the picks.

Congrats to malley02 and CincyHoosier who tied for the weekly lead with 6 correct picks.

1. IU Scoring Opportunities resulting in 0 points – Over/Under 2.5 – Actual 2

I mentioned in the Northwestern O/U recap that I thought Zander Diamont could be utilized in the red-zone to help finish drives.  I certainly did not have the Wild Bacon in mind.  However, the Hoosiers had little trouble creating scoring opportunities as well as finishing them.[ref]At least by 2016 standards.[/ref]  The Hoosiers rattled off 4 straight scoring opportunities to start the game.  The first 3 ended in 16 total points.  On the forth trip, Diamont was stopped on 3rd and 1 and then Natee on 4th and 1.  The Hoosiers would then have 2 consecutive drives without a scoring opportunity[ref]Not including the first half, clock-killing drive.[/ref]  After trailing 21-16, Indiana ended the game with 5 total scoring opportunities.  The only one not resulting in points was the Zander unsportsmanlike penalty / missed field goal drive.  The 9 opportunities ties the Michigan State game for the 2016 season high.  The 4.7 points per scoring opportunity was a season high.

2. Devine Redding success rate rushing in non-garbage time – Over/Under 41.0%- Actual 71%

The 64% success rate against FIU was good, but Redding was at 71% against Maryland.  Indiana’s rushing offense was at 65%.  That’s incredible.  The combination of Wild Bacon, more Feeney, and strong Redding rushes was a sight to see.  After Indiana’ s first 2 drives, Redding actually earned an 82% success rate the rest of the way.  He also had an explosive run rate of 35% with gains of 10, 25, 15, 14, 17, and 15.  Because of the way IU was utilizing Diamont and Natee, Redding actually only had 2 carries in Maryland territory.

3. Richard Lagow passing yards per attempt – Over/Under 6.99 – Actual 8.3

Lagow topped 8 passing yards per attempt for the first time since the Wake Forest game.  More importantly, he didn’t toss an interception for the first time since the Ball State game.  His 25 attempts were the fewest in his short IU career.  On the season, he now ranks 27th nationally in yards per game at 273 and 38th in yards per attempt at 8.0

4. Indiana sacks – Over/Under 2.5 – Actual 4

The Hoosiers set their season high in sacks getting to the oft-sacked Perry Hills four times.  Nate Hoff and Patrick Dougherty split the first one and Darren Meminger recorded his first career sack on the 2nd.  Then in the 2nd half, Marcus Oliver sacked Hills twice, both forcing a fumble with the second being recovered by IU.  While Indiana is currently 11th in the Big Ten in sacks, they next face a Rutgers teams that gives them up almost as much as Maryland.

5. Maryland highlight yards per opportunity – Over/Under 7.0 – Actual 7.2

This O/U looked like it might be a blowout when Ty Johnson had his 66 yard touchdown run in the first quarter.  That was the longest run allowed by IU all season.  It was still looking solid for the overs on Maryland’s next drive with rushes of 17 and 20.  At that point, the Terrapins had 5 highlight opportunities[ref]Rushes of 5+ yards[/ref] with an average of 17 highlight yards.  However, the rest of the way IU would allow just 3.5 highlight yards per opportunity to get it all the way down to 7.2.  Maryland gained 5+ yards on 43% of their rushes, the second highest percentage IU has allowed all season.

6. Maryland passes of 10+ yards – Over/Under 6.5 – Actual 11

Perry Hills had 11 passes that went 10+ yards.  Those 11 passes gained 196 yards.  His other 22 attempts netted just 52 yards.  Indiana is now 55th nationally with 68 passes of 10+ yards allowed.  Rutgers has just 44 passes of 10+ yards all season to rank 121st.

7. Longest Griffin Oakes made field goal – Over/Under 42.5 – Actual 20

Oakes attempted 2 field goals on the day.  The first was a 20 yard attempt after Indiana’s drive stalled out.  The make put IU up 16-7.  Later in the 4th, Indiana had to settle for a field goal after Diamont’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty backed IU up to 2nd and 19.  Griffin Oakes eventually attempted a 38 yard field goal that was missed.  On the season he is just 11 of 17.

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