PJP Over/Under Recap – Wisconsin

Indiana took down Wisconsin to ensure the Hoosiers remain in the top 10. Jack Tuttle didn’t have gaudy stats (a Miles Marshall drop didn’t help…), but he looked sharp and composed. And the defense dominated, limiting Wisconsin to just 6 points, which apparently led Paul Chryst to give up his play-calling duties.

1. Jack Tuttle passing yards – Over/Under 249.5 – Actual: 130

Tuttle passed for 130 yards, completing 13 passes on 22 attempts. Indiana stuck with their ground game, not because it was dominating, but because they didn’t need to pass a lot. The Hoosiers led the entire game and were able to play it safe offensively knowing their dominant defense had their back. Three throws stand out for Tuttle. The touchdown pass to Peyton Hendershot, the 35-yard pass to Ty Fryfogle, and the touchdown pass to Whop Philyor. The talent is evident. We’ll see what the Indiana offense can do next week against a less talented defense.

2. Indiana rushes of 10+ yards – Over/Under 2.5 – Actual: 1

From watching, it did seem like Stevie Scott was running well even though the final statistics don’t reflect that. Scott had just 57 yards on 18 carries with a long of 8. David Ellis backed Scott up and had 22 yards on 5 carries including Indiana’s lone rush of 10+ yards. Ellis or Tim Baldwin are probably Indiana’s best bets to break an explosive rush at this point. We’ll see if Baldwin or possibly Sampson James get any carries next week.

3. Indiana tackles for loss excluding sacks – Over/Under 4.5 – Actual: 2

Indiana only had 5 TFLs on the day, tying a season low. Three of those came on sacks. The first non-sack TFL was on a nice open field tackle by Bryant Fitzgerald to stop the the receiver for a 2 yard loss. The other was a 2 yard loss by Aaron Casey on a rush by Jalen Berger. IU also stopped UW runners for no gain three times. While Indiana didn’t force a lot of tackles in the backfield, the Hoosiers did do a solid job containing the Wisconsin rushing game. The Badgers managed a 41% rushing success rate which is slightly worse than the 43% that Indiana’s running game managed.

4. Indiana missed field goals or extra points  – Over/Under 0.5 – Actual: 0

Charles Campbell made both of his extra point attempts and didn’t attempt a field goal. There really wasn’t a time where Indiana would have considered a field goal either. The Hoosiers had just 2 scoring opportunities and they converted both into touchdowns. Compare that to Wisconsin who had 5 scoring opportunities and the Indiana defense still held the Badgers to just 6 points. The results of those scoring opportunities were interception, field goal, fumble, field goal, and turnover on downs. Quite impressive from the Indiana D.

5. Wisconsin time of possession – Over/Under 34:59 – Actual: 35:08

Wisconsin had a big time of possession advantage, as expected, but as mentioned above, they failed to turn that offense into points. Indiana’s defense is 38th nationally in yards allowed per game at 362, but 20th nationally in defensive points allowed per game at 19.4. It’s proof of the overall defensive focus and culture since Tom Allen arrived.

6. Wisconsin margin of victory – Over/Under 1.5 – Actual: -8

We gave the Badgers nearly 2 touchdowns and they still couldn’t cover. The Hoosiers are now 7-0 ATS.

This over/under is worth double.

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