Box Score Review – Michigan

We’re back for more football talk, mainly because the season is still going on and we have pretty sizable and ironclad contracts that require us to continue to fulfill content.

There was a football game played last weekend between a team with a big stadium and a small flagpole and a team with a small stadium and a big flagpole. Brief analysis to follow:

  • This one went into garbage time early in the fourth quarter when Michigan went up 29-7. Out of Michigan’s 9 non-garbage drives, 7 had a 1st down inside the Indiana 40-yard line. Michigan scored a TD on 3, Indiana held Michigan to a field goal on 3, and a sack and stop forced a punt on the last one. Had those FGs been turned into touchdowns, this one could have slipped away a little sooner.
  • On a positive for freshman Donaven McCulley, he didn’t toss a pick. But this game kind of went how you’d expect it to go for a freshman QB on the road against Michigan with a poor offensive line. If he plays against Rutgers (assuming Penix and Tuttle are both out), we should get a better sense of his development.
  • Additionally, if Stephen Carr is out, I’m interested in seeing what Davion Ervin-Poindexter can do with more carries. DEP just seems like have a little more burst than the other backs although that’s based only on 17 non-garbage carries so Tiny Sample Size alert. He has 4 rushes of 10+ yards in those 17 carries versus 6 in 115 for Carr and DEP has been relatively efficient as well.
  • Indiana had 2 non-garbage TFLs (and just 3 for the game). Both came on sacks. Indiana did not have a single TFL against the run. Of Indiana’s 9 havoc plays, all came against pass plays. Given Michigan’s 29 rushes, you’d expect a TFL on roughly 2 attempts but it didn’t happen in this one.