Indiana is Breaking the Limits on Interceptions

In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday, Defensive Coordinator Kane Wommack told him team, “you truly are a special group and we’re doing special things.” While part of that statement was probably said for motivation, getting the team ready to focus on Maryland after a tough defeat against Ohio State, there’s a lot of truth in his words.

“We’re doing special things.”

Indiana leads the nation in interceptions per game at 2.60. They also have the best interception to pass attempt ratio of any team since at least 2009.

By a wide margin.

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PJP Over/Under Game – Maryland

Indiana plays a turtle on Saturday, but thankfully not this turtle.

Indiana (probably?) plays host to Maryland this weekend. Mike Locksley’s crew has been an up-and-down bunch so far, getting pummeled by Northwestern before rebounding in a wild game against Minnesota. In that one, they blew a 21-7 first quarter lead and needed to score 17 unanswered in the fourth quarter to force overtime and ultimately win. They followed that up with a win at Penn State before being shut down for 2 weeks with a COVID outbreak. How they might perform and who they could be missing on Saturday are great unknowns.

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